The Future of Online Gaming

We will be the first decentrilized online esports arena

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What is Enigma Gaming?

Enigma Gaming is a innovative platform that combines online gaming, AI and cryptocurrencies.
A decentralized online esports arena that allows players from all over the world to play against each other and bet on the outcome of their matches. Players can also create tournaments with a prize pool.
One of the main advantages of our platform is decentralization, which guarantees the security and transparency of all transactions, as well as the protection of user data.
AI will act as your coach to improve your game and collect statistics about your matches and bets, which will improve your game and financial performance


Our Roadmap

Product Development

Smart Contract deploy


Marketing Camping

AMA campaing

Listing on Top DEX’s

Streamers Collab

10 M+ MarketCup

Why Enigma going to change the future of Online Gaming?

We fulfill the dream of many gamers to go from amateur to professional, and for ordinary users, this is an opportunity to monetize their gaming skills.
In addition, our platform can help players find new friends and teams with whom they can collaborate and participate in matches and tournaments together. This can lead to the creation of new professional teams that will compete at a high level and attract large numbers of viewers and fans.
Decentralization of the platform ensures transparency and security of transactions.

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  • Name: Enigma Gaming
  • Symbol: ENG
  • Total Supply:
  • Chain: BNB Chain
Smart contact: 0XDGS35OKDA687DAGHJ23JHD

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Our platform has the potential to become a real catalyst for the development of professional online gaming. It can become a place where talented players can show themselves and attract the attention of sponsors, teams and other players.
We will change the usual idea of online gaming.


Enigma Gaming Safety Certifications

We prioritize the safety and security of our investors, which is why we have obtained the highest level of safety badges to ensure the utmost protection of our investors funds;

Project leaders
Gregory GoerzFounder
Alexander KucherCEO, Co-Founder
Robert GabrielyanCPO, Co-Founder